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I thought it was simple cute game but it was challenging my endurance... nice one !

Thanks Utahana ! Indeed it's not that easy. The complexity of balancing a game :-)


This is just the game i needed, i need it, its addicting and I love it!

Thanks Jackson :-) Have a blast ^ ^


I played this in Poland in December. Little do I knew, haw hardly I wanted to play something that cute and funny, with warm summer feeling. Thank you!

Thanks to you Damoch for playing !


pretty nice challenge.

is there html5 version of the game thatI can add to my website?


It's a very cute lil game with lovely art! The music selection was spot on too.


A cute and relaxing game! Love the art :) and the music fits perfectly


Ugh it was so hard but I did it!


Oof she went from paper white to dirt


Is there nudity option for this or can possible add that?.. 





This was so hard but so cute and so satisfying when I beat it!

Bravo !!!


i usually dont comment on games but ajdjhdh this was super cute! it took a lot longer than expected and i liked the challenge. overall nice game :) keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot Bowie13 :-) And bravo for having beaten the game !

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Any way I can download the music? it's a really nice tune :)

Here you go HughCarroll :-) The licence for the music is CC-BY-NC-ND

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Wow thank you :D Nice game btw :)


very relaxing game! I froze her butt off tho oops

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it took me two hours to finished.. I can die in peace now..


You're a tenacious person ! Bravo ^^ but please don't die too soon


I feel like I became a cute cooked hotdog

Bon appétit :-)

after a certain point it becomes so hard its not fun because of sunscreen :/

finally a waifu sim where i can become the waifu


very hard, but nice

This is so very cute! I love the art, and frantically running around to collect sunscreen somehow relaxes me :D keep it up!


A little bit hard - Sun burns for every one - But nice artwork and cool mechanics.


That was really good! Loved the artwork, and the mechanics are just right. Thanks for that, really enjoyed it :)

Very fun! the sound doesn't seem to be working, however. Still, incredibly well done!!!


Can barely read anything. The scaling needs work.


That's the reason why fullscreen mode exists..

Hi! How long is it to complete? :)