Laura kissed a guy at a party a few days ago and she hasn't stopped thinking about him since. She'd like to see him again but Laura has a boyfriend. What will she do? Tell her boyfriend? See the guy in secret? Forget all about him?

Game made with Game Maker Studio 2.
English and French supported.
Thanks to Katharine Neil for fixing the English version.

Laura a embrassé un garçon dans une soirée il y a quelques jours et depuis elle n'arrête pas de penser à lui. Elle aimerait bien le revoir mais Laura a un petit ami. Que va t-elle faire ? En parler à son copain ? Voir ce gars en cachette ? Oublier toute cette histoire ?

Jeu réalisé avec Game Maker Studio 2.
Version française et anglaise.
Merci à Katharine Neil pour la relecture de la version anglaise.


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i was this exact same situation i wish it would've went as well as it did with diego.  i love this game it honestly brings me so much comfort. loved it! <3

Thanks so much Alex, I'm super glad you were able to relate to my game and that it brought you some comfort (and thanks for your donation!)


Diego is the guy I would date for sure.


I just played through this and thought it was really sweet. As somebody recently in a non-monogamous relationship, it was pleasant to see some familiar conversations played out with care


I like the sounds that represent their voices


Amazing animated and well written game. It's like watching a TV Show!


Diego is such a sweetheart. 

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I'm appalled by how much Diego's views mirror my own. Did you use some mind-reading device on me for inspiration on the character?!

Haha, in all seriousness, wow, what an incredible educational game! Much needed in the current society where so many people treat their partners as their property and don't know the difference between love and lust. I showed this to my girlfriend and this helped us have a frank conversation once again on the subject (we had had it a few times before the game). We have yet to act on the liberties given to each other, but just the fact that we HAVE it is already so much! It is enough for me at the moment.

I salute you for making this, it is true art!


Thank you so much Kelvets :-) I'm really happy you liked the game and the spirit it conveys. And it's great you played it with your girlfriend. I wish you both lots of free love !!


Super expérience ! J'ai adorer les dialogues. Je les trouve intelligent et très bien écrit. Les choix laisser au joueur sont bien pour l'impliquer dans cette histoire et lui permettre de lire les dialogues qui corresponde le plus a sa vision de l'amour.

Personnellement, j'ai fini sur l'amour libre. La réflexion que j'ai préféré c'est "On peux toujours redevenir un couple exclusif si l'un d'entre nous en ressent le besoin"

C'est vraie que tout est possible, et qu'aucune décision n'est irrévocables. J'aime que le jeu mette en avant l'honnêteté et la discutions dans une relation. Je pense moi aussi que c'est la meilleurs manière d'avancer ensemble et de crée des liens plus forts.

Une très belle expérience que je vais de ce pas partager a mes amis ! Merci :)


Salut Akamis, merci beaucoup pour ton retour ! Je suis heureux que mon jeu t'ait plu :-)


Excellent jeu ! J'ai beaucoup apprécier. Il m'a permis d'être rassurée !


This is great! Lovely looking game, interesting choices, personal story, meaningful themes and healthy representations. Love it! 

I took the time to play and really enjoyed it. I also learned a new perspective along the way. Very glad I took the time to go through this. Very well done.

Thanks a lot for your video :-) And for having played my game till the end despite it was so laggy !


This is really well animated and I love the sound effects, super professional!

J'ai trouvé 3 fins, est-ce qu'il y en a d'autres?

Très bien réalisé, ce jeu. L'ambiance est bonne, l'art est super, et l'histoire est touchante.


Merci beaucoup et bien joué ! Il y en a 3, en effet :-)

I was really pleasantly surprised by this! I love the sound, animations, and overall atmosphere. The story unfolded at a nice pace, and it was very relaxing to click through. It has inspired me to make more story driven games. Thanks for making this!

Thanks ! I'm really glad you enjoyed my little game :-)

Petit jeu subtil et bien réalisé, intelligent, sur un sujet pas si facile que ça. Bien joué :)

Merci beaucoup :-)

That was really good man! I love the artstyle and was invested in the plot. I'm eager to see what you develop in the future.

Thanks man ! :-)

This was pretty good. Really nice artwork and animations and you really get to know the personalities of the two participants involved. Played this a few times to see what endings I could get and each one was different. Really cool... :)

Thanks a lot for your video and your comment :-)